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IPM announces that Micro-Tracers Inc. is now IPM Connected

IPM officially welcomes Micro-Tracers Inc. into the IPM Connected programme.

IPM is the WCO's online tool to combat counterfeiting. This tool enables rights holders faced with counterfeiting of their brands, to exchange information in real-time with field Customs officers. Micro-Tracers Inc. has integrated it`s technology solutions with IPM to collaborate in fighting counterfeit products.


Micro-Tracers,Inc. (1961) has developed SECURtracers designed to code human drugs as authentic. These are food grade particles that fluoresce under a UV black light, are magnetically attractable and are micro engraved with letters or symbols. If included in the coating of pills, they can be viewed for fluorescence using a black light in a few seconds. The pill can be dissolved, the tracer isolated magnetically and viewed with an inexpensive microscope for the micro engraved lettering in 5 minutes. (www.microtracers.com)

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