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Customs Officers

Advantages of IPM: Security Solution Providers

  • Increase the practical use and reach of their solutions
  • Invitations to conferences involving rights holders to showcase their technology
  • Each company is referenced in IPM and gains maximum visibility amongst rights holders
  • Access security solutions through a single intuitive interface
  • Having the privilege of using the IPM logo

Purpose of the partnership

IPM integrates two new major technical developments: the possibility to use mobile devices to scan barcodes found on millions of products and the possibility to interface IPM with authentication and traceability solutions companies.

Rights holders who use IPM will, if they wish, provide Customs officers with an instant authentication application, available on standard smartphones. Collaborating with traceability and authentication technologies will strengthen the WCO's operational power: Custom officers scan the barcode and if the product is secured by a track & trace or authentication solution, IPM automatically launches the application, allowing them to instantly verify the authenticity of the product.

Connecting IPM to existing authentication and traceability solutions is a major leap forward which will enable Customs officers to assess more effectively whether or not a product is genuine. Interfacing a solution with IPM will allow the company to benefit from the IPM Connected logo and show its clients and prospects that it is working hand in hand with the WCO and frontline Customs officers to help in the fight against counterfeiting.

Security Solution Providers Integration Types

Alpha numeric & Data matrix

Alpha numeric & Data matrix


The unique identifier that will serve for authentication is a chain of printed characters that will be typed in by the customs officers in the IPM application in order to retrieve a validation of this code.


The unique identifier is encoded within a two-dimensional matrix barcode that will be captured by the customs officers using the IPM application by scanning the code with the smartphone camera for validation.

NFC Solutions

NFC Solutions

NFC-based authentication

The NFC tags securing goods contain data that can be accessed and authenticated by Customs officers using NFC-enabled Smartphones running the IPM application.

Image Recognition

Image Recognition

Image-based authentication

Visible or Invisible digital information (such as a hologram) can be captured by the smartphone camera lens of the customs officers. The captured image will then be challenged and return a valid or invalid response.

Security Solution Providers

WCO has launched IPM Connected, a global network of track&trace and authentication solutions interfaced with IPM. Rights holders using IPM will be able to provide Customs officers with an instant authentication application. Available for smartphones.

Download Security Solution Providers Report

  • Advanced Track and Trace
  • Alp Vision
  • Aspirasol
  • Authenticate It
  • Authentic Vision
  • Canon
  • CertiEye
  • Certilogo
  • Checkto Cashup
  • De La Rue
  • GSMA
  • Holoptica
  • Kezzler
  • Kurz
  • Micro Tracers
  • NXP
  • Pharma Secure
  • Popimscode
  • Scan Trust
  • Systech
  • Tesa Scribos
  • Trace Key
  • Securikett
  • Sproxil
  • Thinfilm
  • Winsafe

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